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The meaning of the title is very important, ‘the direction of a meaningful living.’ Knowingly or unknowingly we are all looking in that direction only. No body wants to be sad. Every one wants to be happy. Because this is the nature all lives called ‘Satchidaananda swarupa’.Therefore all beings seek to live a Blissful life.

That is the purpose of life:
‘Aatmano mokshartham jagadhitaayacha’, meaning the purpose of life is to seek liberation or happiness and act only for the benefit of the world. Real understanding of moksha is to live a life of happiness and make others happy by serving them.


Happiness is the real nature of all living things and beings-including plants, animals, and human beings. Plants seek light and grow in that direction, animals seek food and go after for fulfilling the hunger. Human beings also look for the needs of body- hunger,thirst, and shelter.

However human being has a special gift of intellect, a faculty of discrimination from right and wrong, his happiness does not end in body and goes beyond to the mind.
It is this faculty that makes man different from all other lives. ‘Mana eva manushyanaam
Kaaranam bandha mokshayoh’ Mind alone is man,which is the cause of bondage and liberation. Bondage means birth and death and all that happens in between these two incidences in ones life called samsaara. Samsaara is the experiences of life, more often miserable than joyous. Man continuously seeks to get rid these miseries and sufferings and gain happiness called ‘Dukha nivruthi and sukha prapthi’.


Having experienced the world for a long time the seers of scriptures came to the conclusion that, no amount of gains through working in this world will ever give abiding happiness, which lasts for ever. Whatever brings joy always brings misery with it.
They said one must change the attitude to life and look at inside of oneself for the ‘paramaatman’, the GOD, which is the abode of all happiness. Due to ignorance one seeks the Truth and happiness in world and gets deluded. It takes a saint or a guru to direct one to change the direction of seeking and one gets liberated.

How do we gain this state?
Sri Bhagavad-Gita states one must perform, karma yoga to clear the mind,(anthahkarana shuddhi) and jnaana yoga becomes easy to understand and practice, which will lead to liberation
Karmannevaadhikaaraste maa phaleshu kadaachana
Maa karma phalaheturbhuh maateasagostvakarmani.
                           B.G ch 2-47
Work for the sake of work without attachment to the fruits there of. Never attach oneself to not working.
Adveshtaa sarva bhutanam maitrah karuna eve cha
Nirmamo nirahankarah sama duhka sukha kshami. 
                               BG: Ch 12-13
Never have enmity with any being, develop friendliness, be kind.Donot be arrogant, and possessive, forgive and be of equal vision.
Yagnarthat karmanonyatra lokoyam karma bandhanah
Thadartham karma kaunteya muktah sangah samachara.                              BG:Ch 3- 9
Let all actions be offered to the Lord as yagna. Otherwise you will be bound to the world.
Therefore Arjuna you perform actions well for yagna and be free from attachment
Ananyaaschintayanto maam ye janaah paryupaasate
Tesham nityaabhiyuktaanaam yogakshemam vahaamyaham.                      BG: Ch 9-22
Who ever constantly thinks of ME I will take care of his welfare.
Manifested world is LORD. Service to humanity is service to Divinity.
That is the ONLY worthwhile path for all of us.
May Lord bless us all to tread that path.
OM Tat Sat
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One who has conquered the self has conquered the world...


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